Turmeric and Garlic Chicken

Savoring Succulence: Crafting an Exquisite Tender Chicken Delight for Persian Rice Elegance
Turmeric and Garlic Chicken pinit

A Symphony of Sensations: Crafting Exquisite Tender Chicken

Indulge in a culinary experience that embodies tenderness, flavor, and a symphony of sensations as you savor the embrace of a perfectly prepared chicken dish. This tender and flavorful chicken, so meticulously crafted that it dissolves upon contact with your palate, not only stands as a delightful centerpiece but also harmonizes seamlessly with Albaloo Polo (Persian Sour Cherry Rice) and other Persian rice wonders like the aromatic Baghali Polo (Fava Bean Rice). Simplicity marries excellence in this recipe, where opting for chicken breast rather than thighs defies convention, yielding a masterpiece that’s both tender and juicy.

Creating the Foundation: Impeccable Ingredients

The journey commences by assembling the cornerstone of this gastronomic delight: pristine chicken breasts or chicken tenders. Their impeccable cleanliness forms the bedrock for the culinary masterpiece that unfolds. A concoction of olive oil, pepper, garlic powder, and turmeric blends harmoniously in a bowl, forming a luscious coating that envelops the chicken pieces with a tantalizing promise of rich flavor. With this initial step, the stage is set for the enchanting culinary alchemy that awaits.

The Aromatic Prelude: Infusing Onions and Oil to the Chicken

In the realm of flavors, the hero of our story—the chopped onion—takes the spotlight. A generous drizzle of olive oil graces the expanse of a spacious skillet or pot. As the onion takes its place, the medium heat begins the symphony of sizzling. A captivating transformation follows as the onion gradually turns translucent—a visual cue that it’s primed to contribute its aromatic essence to the unfolding dish.

Crafting Culinary Symphony: Slow and Steady

This is the juncture where the marinated chicken takes center stage. With careful precision, each chicken piece is laid in a single, inviting layer atop the translucent bed of onions. Complementing this arrangement are scattered garlic cloves, their pungent aroma poised to intermingle with the chicken’s pledge of tenderness. Introducing a touch of water triggers a graceful dance of steam within the pot—a prelude to the slow-cooking process that commences as the lid finds its place. This gentle cooking coaxingly melds the flavors into a harmonious chorus.

Layers of Flavor: Transformation and Butter

After a brief interval of about 10 minutes, the lid is lifted, revealing a tableau adorned with evolving hues and enticing scents. The chicken pieces are gently turned, their journey further enriched by a splash of additional water if needed. This marks a pivotal moment of transformation, where tiny morsels of butter make their entrance. Their luxurious essence infuses the chicken, creating an understated indulgence that plays beautifully against the unfolding narrative. As the lid returns, the culinary tapestry continues to unfurl.

A Culinary Choreography: Finessed Turns and Colors

As another 10 minutes gracefully pass, the time arrives for yet another elegant turn. The heat, maintained at a gentle equilibrium between low and medium, partners with the chicken, coaxing forth an exquisite hue—a visual prelude to the explosion of taste that beckons. With each attentive turn, the lid—your trusted culinary companion—guides the orchestration, ensuring the delicate harmony of flavors remains undisturbed.

The Grand Finale: Sublime Sauce and Culinary Crescendo

As the grand finale approaches, a final turn of the chicken takes center stage. Escorting the dish toward its culmination, an additional drizzle of water enters the scene. This contributes to a crescendo of flavors, underscored by the softened essence of onions and garlic. In this climactic symphony, a hint of sauce emerges—a testament to the collaborative effort of ingredients that have embarked on a transformative journey within the pot.

A Companion to Elegance: The Table Beckons

With grace and finesse, your culinary masterpiece emerges, ready to grace the table as a sublime companion to a medley of Persian rice dishes. This tender chicken, a canvas upon which flavor and technique have painted a masterpiece, beckons to be relished and celebrated. Invite yourself to experience the art of savoring life’s simplest yet most profound pleasures.

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Turmeric and Garlic Chicken

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 40 mins Total Time 50 mins
Servings: 6


Embark on a gastronomic adventure with a chicken dish that embodies tenderness and flavor, offering a mouthwatering experience that lingers on the palate. A culinary masterpiece, this chicken boasts a unique twist—utilizing chicken breast or tenders, resulting in both juiciness and tenderness. Begin by marinating the chicken in a blend of olive oil, pepper, garlic powder, and turmeric, setting the stage for a burst of flavors. The spotlight then shifts to a sautéed onion, infusing the dish with its aromatic essence. The marinated chicken takes its place atop the onions, joined by garlic cloves, as a gentle addition of water unleashes a symphony of steam. The lid's embrace initiates a slow-cooking process that transforms the ingredients into a harmonious union. As time passes, the chicken is tenderly turned, each movement imparting a palette of hues and scents. Delicate morsels of butter make their entrance, accentuating the chicken's succulence. With each successive turn, the chicken absorbs the flavors of the dish, enhanced by intermittent drizzles of water. As the grand finale approaches, the chicken receives its last turn, accompanied by a final infusion of water, culminating in a delightful sauce enriched by the essence of softened onions and garlic. This dish stands ready to complement Persian rice marvels, embodying the art of savoring life's culinary pleasures.



  1. Begin by finely chopping the onion. In a generously sized skillet, drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil and evenly scatter the chopped onion. Place the lid over the skillet and set the heat to medium. Allow the onion to gently cook until it achieves a semi-transparent, soft texture, infusing the air with its inviting aroma.

    While the onion works its magic, turn your attention to the chicken breast. Ensure it's clean and thoroughly rinsed. Depending on your preference for serving sizes, you can slice the chicken breast accordingly.

    In a separate bowl, create a flavorful marinade by combining olive oil, garlic powder, turmeric powder, salt, pepper, and a touch of celery salt. Make certain that every inch of the chicken is generously coated with this aromatic blend. For added convenience, you have the option to complete this marination step ahead of time or even the day before, refrigerating the chicken until the moment of cooking.

    With the skillet's ambiance now imbued with the essence of softened onions, the stage is set to introduce the marinated chicken. Gently place the chicken pieces on top of the bed of onions, allowing the flavors to gradually intertwine and unfold.

    Turmeric and Garlic Chicken
  2. Arrange the garlic cloves strategically among the chicken pieces and add the saffron. Drizzle a small amount of water into the skillet to generate steam. Alternatively, you can place the saffron in boiling water in a small dish or cup and cover it. The steam in the skillet will help infuse the saffron's flavor into the chicken. Keep in mind that we're using saffron for its taste here, not its color, as turmeric already imparts a rich yellow hue. 

    Chicken with turmeric and garlic
  3. Cover the skillet with the lid and cook over low heat, ensuring a slow-cooking process. This, along with the presence of turmeric, yields tender and juicy chicken. Every ten minutes, turn the chicken to ensure even cooking and a good coating of turmeric and spices. Add a touch of water with each turn to maintain steam and moisture. On the final turn, add a bit more water and use a spoon to mix the softened onions and any residue to create a delightful sauce for serving the chicken with rice—an addition that brings an exquisite taste to the dish.

    Turmeric and Garlic Chicken
  4. Finally, once the chicken is thoroughly cooked and boasts a beautiful hue, it's time to prepare for serving.
    Turmeric and Garlic Chicken
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