Vegetable Mushroom Gratin

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Vegetable Gratin pinit

Discover the delightful flavors of Vegetable Mushroom Gratin, a dish born out of creativity and resourcefulness during the challenging times of the Coronavirus lockdown. As the world retreated indoors, many of us turned to our pantries and freezers for sustenance and inspiration.

In an effort to make use of the stored vegetables, a twist on the classic Spinach and Mushroom Gratin was born—a culinary experiment that yielded delicious results. This dish proves that by mastering the fundamentals of cooking, one can adapt and create new culinary delights.

What makes Vegetable Mushroom Gratin particularly special is its ability to entice even the most vegetable-averse individuals. It presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce a variety of vegetables in a way that appeals to both children and adults alike. With every comforting bite, you’ll discover a medley of flavors and textures that transform simple vegetables into a delectable masterpiece.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of our lives, it’s heartening to know that the kitchen can be a place of inspiration and innovation. Whether you’re seeking to make the most of your pantry or looking for inventive ways to enjoy vegetables, Vegetable Mushroom Gratin invites you to embrace culinary exploration and savor the beauty of simple, nourishing ingredients.

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Vegetable Mushroom Gratin

Difficulty: Easy Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 25 mins Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 4


Going into the Coronavirus lockdown this year, I stored some vegetables in my freezer, just in case! Today I thought it is time to start using them up.

I usually make Spinach and Mushroom Gratin but I decided to experiment and it came out pretty good so I would like to share it with you here. It just goes to show that by learning some basics in cooking you can apply it to other types of food.

By the way, this is also an excellent way to tempt children or grown-ups who don't like vegetables to enjoy them!



  1. Clean the mushroom and add it to a hot pot let all the water evaporate and the mushroom to slightly change color I usually add a touch of black pepper and soy sauce. Once done just add it to a 9" square casserole dish or any dish you plan to do your gratin in.
  2. Chop the onion and saute it in a tablespoon of olive oil.
    Green onion
  3. Add it to the mushroom in the casserole dish once it is done. I add a layer of shredded cheese.
    mushroom and green onion
  4. In a bowl add the eggs, milk, and the flour and beat it so it is slightly beaten and well mixed..
    vegetable gratin
  5. I also sautee the frozen vegetables in a tablespoon of olive oil. In this case, I used a mixed vegetable pack of green peas, green beans, carrots and corn.
  6. Add the vegetables to the casserole dish and add the mixture on top.
    vegetable gratin
  7. I finally top it up with cheese. And put in the oven for about 25 minutes at 180°C or until the cheese browns nicely.
    top up with cheese
  8. Voila, a beautiful dish! Fast and Easy
    Vegetable Gratin
  9. Cut and serve! It could be a side dish or main!
    Vegetable Gratin


You can substitute cream for milk and feel free to add or replace it with your favorite cheese rather than Emmental.
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